On July 24-26, Toronto will see its third annual vaping convention open to the public. VapeCan, a Canadian version of VapeCon, will host vendors from around North America at The International Centre in Mississauga. With over 90 vendors currently registered, the event promises to be memorable.

The list of vendors includes a wide selection of shops, juice manufacturers, and distributors. Vapor Jedi, a gold level sponsor, is an online store with a shop in Saskatoon, SK. The Ecig Flavourium in Toronto is a bronze level sponsor of the event. 

Some of the most popular e-juice brands will be represented as well, including Evaperated, RuthlessKloud Panda, and Canada Ejuice. Companies known for their equipment, such as Kanger Tech and Aspire, will also be attending.

The event is free for guests. With such a diverse lineup of vendors, it has potential to be an excellent way for both consumers and producers to show solidarity within the vaping lifestyle.

From the VapeCan website:

“Every year vapers from around the globe make the trip to Toronto for this monumental three-day event. VapeCan offers an excellent opportunity for members of the vaping community to exhibit their latest products and innovations, while meeting and networking with the public – a public that is the foundation of vaping in Canada.”


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