E-Juice Review: PurEliquid


If I was trapped on a desert island and could only have one brand of e-juice, it would undoubtedly be PurEliquid (pronounced ‘pure liquid’). Its robust flavour and excellent cloud production make it my all-time favourite brand.

I’ve heard complaints that their juice is flat (meaning there is only one layer with no hints of anything else). While that is true, my response is this: if it works, why overdo it? Other brands are good for that sort of dynamic flavour; PurEliquid is great at making core flavours.

They have four categories to choose from: tobacco, drinks, fruit, and special. I cannot speak to the tobacco line, but fruity flavours are exactly what you expect when you taste them. Vaping peach tastes like you just took a bite from the fruit itself. Pomegranate is rich and musical on the tongue, while honeydew and double apple are more subtle yet very sweet. Black cherry is shocking in its potency and is great for mixing with other flavours.

The uniqueness of this brand is evidenced by their drink and special flavours. Root beer, grape krush, peach soda, and classic cola all taste exactly like the fizzy drinks, complete with a mild tanginess that mimics carbonation. And white freezie tastes exactly like it sounds – it is by far their best flavour of the bunch, and well worth the money.

PurEliquid boasts a 60 pg/40vg ratio, which is a turnoff for many vapers who generally prefer a higher vg ratio. Whereas I like this brand for its strong flavour, it still produces excellent vape clouds and the throat hit is not very harsh. Somehow they make it work, and they do it very well.

The best part about this brand is the cost. It is undoubtedly a premium quality juice at a non-premium price. Their website boasts high quality bottles, quality assurance, certificate of analysis, and monitoring by LSS engineers, which suggests they are a professional, trustworthy brand.

I highly recommend this brand to any vapers interested in strong, sweet flavours that are simple yet striking on the tongue.


3 responses to “E-Juice Review: PurEliquid

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  3. There ry4 is very tasty with lots of vapor. I’m vaping 12mg in a 0.15 ohm coil lol with a smooth throat hit for 60pg!


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