E-Juice Review: Classic E-juice (Big Puffah)

Brand: Classic E-Juice
Flavour: Big Puffah
Manufacturer’s Description: My double melons, strawberry & peach will make your jaw drop. Do you love blueberries and whipped cream as much as I do? I’m a big puff of sugar, you won’t find any better.
Ratio: 70vg / 30pg
Nicotine: 3mg
Hardware: Kangertech Protank 3 with iStick 30w
Acquired: Freebie at Vapecan


This fantastic juice delivers most of what it promises. It is very sweet and refreshing with a blend of fruity flavours; the strongest taste is watermelon followed closely with a blast of berries. Though it boasts a hint of cream, I did not taste it – which actually made me enjoy it all the more.
The flavour is very bold yet it leaves no aftertaste once exhaled. It is light on the palette while it makes my taste buds sing its praises. I couldn’t wait to have a second, third, and fourth pull of this delicious juice.
The higher vg ratio means it produces excellent clouds, yet it also has a mild throat hit. An overall well balanced juice that will cater to most vapers. If you love watermelon flavoured candy, you’ll adore this e-juice.


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