E-Juice Review: PS Honey 1 from Vaporus Mixology

Brand: Vaporus Mixology
Flavour: P.S. Honey 1
Manufacturer’s Description: Peach, strawberry and honeydew.
Ratio: 50vg / 50pg
Nicotine: 12mg
Hardware: Kangertech Protank 3 with iStick 30w
Acquired: Freebie at Vapecan


If you’re into super sweet flavours, this juice should be on your wishlist.

Upon first pull, the tongue is immediately assaulted by an overwhelming, artificial tasting honeydew. It’s not unpleasant but it’s definitely stronger than an actual melon. It mellows a little by the exhale, turning into more of a Manuka honey flavour with less zest. It has a strong aftertaste that almost hints of bananas, and lingers on the tongue long after you’ve put down the vape. At no point did I taste any hint of peach or strawberry, as claimed by the manufacturer.

This juice has a mild throat hit that seems to dissipate the more it’s vaped – and definitely more quickly than other juices. The clouds it produced were average, but very sweet smelling.

Overall it was a tasty juice and a good experience, but not necessarily something I would vape all the time. But I could definitely see busting it out to mix things up a bit, or to quench a sweet tooth.


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