E-Juice Review: Tropi-candy from Evaperated

Brand: Evaperated
Flavour: Tropi-candy
Manufacturer’s Description: Tropi-CANDY is sweet and very much what you would think a tropical candy might taste like. It has strong notes of banana with subtle undertones of pineapple. Give this one a smell test when you get it because… well we catch ourselves smelling it quite often. It smells delicious!
Ratio: Max VG
Nicotine: 6mg
Hardware: Aspire Atlantis 1 with iStick 30w
Acquired: Purchased at Vapecan

Vaping this juice tastes like you’ve accidentally inhaled Fun Dip powder (Remember that stuff? It was awesome!). Its very strong flavour caresses the tongue and overpowers the senses – it’s not for those who prefer subtlety. It tastes like a tropical juice you’d buy at 7/11 with a healthy dose of pineapple. But I have to say, from someone who doesn’t like pineapple, this juice is amazing.

The juice itself is remarkably thin for a max VG blend, and has absolutely no throat hit. It’s smooth from inhale to exhale, and the burst of flavour stays on the tongue long after the vapour has dissipated into the air. It’s a complete mystery how they managed to combine such an intense flavour with a remarkably light vapour.

The best part about Evaperated is that you can purchase their juice in several different VG/PG ratios with up to 18mg of nicotine. And their prices are very reasonable! I highly recommend this juice, and the brand, to vapers of any level.


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