E-Juice Review: Rocket Man by Canada Vapes

Brand: Canada Vapes
Flavour: Rocket Man
Manufacturer’s Description: Enjoy this sweet, candy vape.  You’ll feel like you have just come home on Halloween night with your bag of candy.
Ratio: 70vg / 30pg
Nicotine: 12mg
Hardware: Kangertech Protank 3 with iStick 30w
Acquired: $7.50 at CVE

It’s rare for me to find a juice which accurately reflects its description – this particular flavour is absolutely spot on. It tastes like I took a huge breath with a mouth full of rockets candy.

It’s a powerful, sweet, fruity flavour on the inhale with a very minor twinge of sour on the exhale, and the flavour lingers in your mouth long afterward. It doesn’t have much of a throat hit and the cloud production is average, but it has rapidly become one of my go-to flavours. I will happily pay the $17 to purchase it from the Canada Vapes website when this bottle runs out.

If you like candy flavours, this is an absolute must-have. Vaping this juice is the next best thing to actually eating candy!



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