10 Helpful Tips for New Vapers

Like many current vapers, I started my journey with a simple eGo battery and EVOD tank kit – the most basic vaporizer money can buy. It was cheap and simple to use, which made it the perfect tester product to see if vaping was right for me. I took to it very easily and haven’t touch a cigarette since the day I first filled my EVOD tank.

I used that set up for more than two months while I got my body adjusted to being a vaper instead of a smoker. I have since upgraded my hardware because, let’s face it, a basic kit is only satisfying for so long. I also discovered that vaping with such a device has its own set of issues that nobody warned me about ahead of time.

Here I present to you, my troubleshooting tips’n’tricks while vaping with a basic starter kit.

  1. You don’t use a vape the same way you smoke a cigarette. Instead of pulling the vapour into your mouth and inhaling (like with a cigarette), you just inhale directly. Pulling before inhaling means you don’t get nearly as much nicotine out of vaping.
  2. If you hear a gurgling noise, it means there’s fluid either on the battery, in the air hole, or in the mouth piece. A twisted up piece of Kleenex will do wonders to cleaning that out. If it happens every time you pull off your vaporizer, then replace the coil and let the old coil dry out before using it again.
  3. Your e-juice will change colours! If it turns brown, that means the coil is filtering out some of the nicotine. Try inhaling harder and faster. The shorter time you press the battery button, the longer your coil will last. If your juice turns black or opaque, dump it out and replace the coil right away.
  4. Any e-juice you try at a vape shop will taste differently in your device. The difference won’t be dramatic, but it will never be exactly the same.
  5. ALWAYS unscrew the tank from the bottom, right where it connects to the battery.
  6. It’s better to charge your battery every night while asleep than to have it die in the middle of the day. It’s also better to carry around an emergency bottle of e-juice in case your tank runs out.
  7. These devices are EASY TO LOSE. Treat it like a cellphone or your wallet.
  8. If the base of the tank starts to get uncomfortably warm, put it aside for a few minutes to let it cool down. The warmer your tank, the sooner you’ll burn out your coil.
  9. You don’t have to change your coil if you switch e-juice, but tobacco and menthol flavours tend to linger and will affect the taste of anything that comes after them.
  10. When in doubt, visit your local vape shop and talk to a salesperson. Don’t believe everything you read online.

Feel free to leave a comment with your own useful trips!


One response to “10 Helpful Tips for New Vapers

  1. Thanks for the tips. i am making the switch at the beginning of the year. I am a little apprehensive since it is so new to me. This clears up a lot of questions I had. I am bookmarking this page for future reference. Thank you!


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